Sale! Ballads, Social Music & Songs – CD
Ballads, Social Music & Songs – CD
The latest 2014 album from Nick and his cohorts. This time it's a team effort between guitarist and producer Phil Abram, drummer Ben Jackson, John Wilkinson on bass, but with additional contributions from guitarist Ricky Lucas, and keyboard player Bill Boyd, not to mention some long-distance bass playing from Rome based Englishman Jon Wood, also on bass. The album has also spawned the single Sea of Love, as The Nick Jackson Band boldly set out to capture some radio airplay.
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Sale! Beautiful Place – CD
Beautiful Place – CD
Album number three from the now settled line up of The Nick Jackson Band in 2010. This release proved popular on the live circuit, particularly at the Big Mama club in Rome where the band have been performing regularly for the last 10 years. Stand out tracks include Machine Heart, Julie's Shot in the Dark, Difficult Children, Waiting on the Shore and the unforgettable Sound of the Skylark.
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Sale! Miracles – CD
Miracles – CD
The first album from The Nick Jackson Band released in 2000. This cathartic work includes 14 tracks and features stupendous studio performances from drummer Norman Cooke and Nick Bold on guitar and backing vocals. Nick Jackson's own mandolin playing also figures prominently on this release.
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Sea of Love – CD Single
Sea of Love – CD Single
Sea of Love is a track taken from The Nick Jackson Band's latest album, Ballads, Social Music and Songs and is the first single output by the band.
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Sale! Secrets – CD
Secrets – CD
The second release from The Nick Jackson Band, notable for the return of Ben Jackson on drums and Phil Abram on guitar for a 12-track effort in 2005. Nick Bold returns for a brief cameo playing Rhodes piano on the track Respond. Album also spawned the Youtube video for the track Slowly Falling which can be viewed on this site.
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